Case Stories

ITW Welding extensive line of widely recognised products are used world-wide wherever there is a need for high quality products. Here you can find more information about projects, in which our consumables and equipment have been used.

Case Stories Consumables,

Elga's heavy investment in product development and technical know-how means that a growing number of companies are choosing it as a partner. As a reliable supplier of welding consumables, Elga has been enlisted as a chief supplier on several large construction projects in Europe.

Millenium London Eye

The Millenium London Eye attraction wheel at the river Thames is the world's tallest observation wheel at 135 m high. The 576 ton steel rim section was welded with Elga flux cored wires and electrodes. To allow lifting and mounting of the wheel, a special mobile crane was constructed at the same time by using Elga consumables.

Exhibition Hall in Leipzig

Also the new Exhibition hall in Leipzig was built with the use of Elga consumables in the form of an 800 m long and 440 m high cupola of curved pipe.

The Maeslant Storm Barrier

The Maeslant storm barrier was built from 30.000 tonnes of steel to protect the entrance to Rotterdam harbour. This barrier is one of the biggest projects in which Elga consumables were used. The Maeslant barrier is almost as long as the Eiffel tower and weighs about four times as much. It is the only storm surge barrier in the world with such large moveable parts.

Øresund Bridge

Elga flux cored wires and electrodes were also used to build the one kilometre long suspension section of the Øresund bridge between Malmø and Copenhagen.

Case Stories Equipment,

As the world's largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment, Miller is globally known for high quality equipment. For this reason Miller equipment has been chosen for a big number of applications where day-to-day performance and reliability are non-negotiable properties.

Delta Air Lines

Every day more than 50 welding operators work with Miller welding equipment at Delta Air Line's Technical Operations Center (TOC) at Atlanta Hartfield International Airport. Their task is to maintain and repair a full range of aircraft, engines and components, including landing gear, accessories and ground support equipment. When welding sensitive materials like here, welders should not be limited by the capabilities of their equipment - that's why Delta Air Lines chose Miller.

Dream it. Weld it.

As part of their 75th anniversary celebration, Miller Electric commissioned the Teutuls of Orange County Chopper to design and build a very special commemorative motorcycle. Miller products were used extensively in the crafting of this amazing cycle. The construction and delivery was detailed on Discovery Channels top-rated series American Chopper. Another "Dream it. Weld it." -project was to build a '29 Roadster Pickup. The project was seen from concept to completion on tv-show Rides.
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