ITW Welding

ITW Welding Group is a collection of independent business units brought together by Illinois Tool Works Inc. to serve the global welding industry with superior products and unparalleled service. The company includes leading manufactures of filler metals, equipment, welding components and accessories for a wide variety of applications.

Elga from Sweden has one of the best ranges of consumables on the market for demanding welding applications. Together with Elga, Hobart Brothers from the USA and its brands Hobart, Tri-Mark, Corex and McKay we are able to offer the type of consumable you need to meet your demands.

Miller Electric is the world's largest manufacturer in arc welding and cutting equipment. Miller leads the way in inverter technology, with over twenty years of experience and thousands of hours of research and development. The result is having job-proven products that provide the ultimate in portability and multi-process capabilities.

The Welding Components group includes Bernard MIG-Guns, Weldcraft TIG-Torches, Tempil temperature markers, and Smith Equipment combining four well known suppliers for welding accessories.

All our products are sold through multiple distribution channels with most products ready available through your local welding distributor. ITW Welding has branch offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy. Find your nearest sales representative office >>