ITW Welding has complemented its product range in the beginning of 2013 with the acquisition of Drahtzug Stein wire & welding GmbH & Co. KG (Stein wire & welding), the Germany based supplier of advance seamless flux- and metal cored wires as well as solid wires for SAW.

The STEIN-MEGAFIL® seamless flux-cored wire product range contains high quality wires for welding of unalloyed and low alloyed material grades. The STEIN-TOPCORE® flux-cored and metal cored wires offer excellent mechanical properties in combination with Submerged Arc Welding. A range of hardfacing cored wires is complementing the product range for a large variety of applications.

The Stein wire & welding experience, R&D capabilities, customer support, products and production technology are unique within the sector, and will significantly strengthen the ITW Welding offerings on the markets in Europe as well as internationally. 

Please read more at: www.megafil.com

Ever since the early days, Elga has been well-known for being the most demanding welders’ choice. Innovation is the main thread through their history, and today they support welders around the world with consumables and know-how for the most challenging end-user areas. Welcome to join Elga on the journey towards the future.

This is Elga

The company is a specialized supplier of welding consumables and work is focused on demanding customer segments and their primary needs for coated electrodes and tubular wires. These core products are complemented by a range of carefully selected consumables for TIG, MIG/MAG and SAW. In addition, in-depth welding application knowledge and outstanding quality are significant parts of the total package offered to the market.

Elga was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden 1938 as a family company. The company has over the years grown internationally and the products are sold worldwide through a network of international subsidiaries and distributors. Since February 2000 Elga is part of the global ITW Welding Group.
With the acquisition of SWELDX in 2012, ITW Welding has complemented its offering with advanced solutions for Sub Arc welding consumables. This covers fluxes and wire electrodes for carbon and alloyed steel joining as well as fluxes and strips for Electro Slag and Sub Arc surfacing applications.

At the heart of SWELDX is the accumulated knowhow relating to flux design, material science and the SAW processes, including extensive market, manufacturing, SAW process and application knowledge and experience. Development of fluxes and welding processes are the key factors for meeting future stringent requirements on weld performance and production efficiency. The R&D Center is fully equipped with the latest technology to execute effective flux and welding process development.

SWELDX being part of ITW Welding and will act under the name ITW Welding - Sub Arc Solutions Europe. ITW Welding provides welding equipment and application support for optimization of the weld process with the target to increase productivity and improve weld properties.

See Sub Arc Solutions

Elga’s - The Golden Stick has now been launched!

5,000 Golden Stick lottery tickets have been distributed to dealers worldwide inside randomly selected boxes of Elga Products. During production, packages were marked with the campaign sticker before leaving the ELGA factory.

Everyone who registers gets an Elga LED Torch and is automatically entered into the competition for many more exclusive prizes!

Please click here to register!

The campaign will run at least until 30 June, 2013.

Sahara Force India Formula One Team is delighted to announce that Miller Electric Manufacturing Company, part of ITW Welding Products, has joined the team as an official factory supplier. Miller is a market leader in providing premium performance delivered through a breadth of solutions encompassing welding machines, induction heating, welding consumables and accessories.

As part of the relationship, Miller will be supplying the team with their Dynasty series of TIG welding products for use at the Silverstone headquarters. The team’s mobile workshop will also benefit from the Miller treatment allowing the car crews to have cutting-edge equipment close at hand for all Formula One events.

Sahara Force India chose to partner with Miller due to its reputation for reliability and performance – key watchwords in the Formula One paddock. With Miller supplying the highest quality products and technical know-how, the team can concentrate on delivering results on the racetrack.


DWA 55 Ni1 is designed for users who require an universal wire that fulfils all varied needs of highly demanding industrial sectors such as Offshore and Onshore gas and oil pipeline fabrication.
Elga is the market leader in developing low hydrogen electrodes. These special electrodes require special packaging - Elga Dry-Pack vacuum package. The packaging process includes pressing, drying at a high temperature and vacuum packing the electrodes. The whole process is completed according to strict Swedish quality norms.
New version of P 51 basic-coated low hydrogen electrode offers strongly improved welding quality. After efficient product development P 51 has become the absolutely top product at the market! With its excellent general operability and good positional welding characteristics P 51 is often used for pipe welding.