ITW Welding har en marknadsledande produktportfölj, bestående av Best-in-Class svetsvarumärken. Sortimentet erbjuder förstklassig prestanda till kunden genom en bredd av lösningar som omfattar svetsutrustning, induktionsuppvärmning, tillsatsmaterial och tillbehör tillsammans med vår kunskap och mångåriga erfarenhet.



ITW Welding offers a full line of industrial quality welders from Miller. Miller is the world's largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment and it delivers ruggedly reliable equipment of the highest quality and makes the customer top priority.

Click on the Miller logo for more information on Miller equipment. Please note that product selection may vary from one local office to another. 

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The Hobart brand features a full line of filler metals for applications ranging from mild steel and low alloy steel to stainless steel. Available products include stick electrodes, solid wires and flux cored wires in a variety of diameters and packaging. 

All Hobart brand filler metals feature superior arc performance and selections are available for fast-freezing or self-peeling slag, low hydrogen weld deposits, high deposition rates and efficiencies, and x-ray quality welds.

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