Elga specialises in high quality products backed up by full technical support, for all welding processes - SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and SAW.
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The Hobart brand features a full line of filler metals for applications ranging from mild steel and low alloy steel to stainless steel. Available products include stick electrodes, solid wires and flux cored wires in a variety of diameters and packaging. All Hobart brand filler metals feature superior arc performance and selections are available for fast-freezing or self-peeling slag, low hydrogen weld deposits, high deposition rates and efficiencies, and x-ray quality welds.

McKay stainless steel filler metals provide excellent arc characteristics to ensure quality welds and are available for flat, horizontal and all-position welding. Stainless steel products are available in common 308, 309 and 316 types and other alloys. Hard surfacing products from McKay are available in stick electrode and self-shielded or gas-shielded tubular wires for buildup and overlay. To extend parts and equipment life, quality weld deposits meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications for impact or abrasion resistance.

The premier brand of Tri-Mark tubular wires features self-shielded, gas-shielded and low alloy flux cored wires, along with mild steel and low alloy metal cored wires. Stringent quality control standards ensure Tri-Mark brand wires meet or exceed specifications established by the American Welding Society (AWS) and other welding organizations. Tri-Mark brand filler metals are the ideal choice for industries such as shipbuilding, infrastructure construction, offshore oil and heavy equipment.