Acquisition of SWELDX

With the acquisition of SWELDX in 2012, ITW Welding has complemented its offering with advanced solutions for Sub Arc welding consumables. This covers fluxes and wire electrodes for carbon and alloyed steel joining as well as fluxes and strips for Electro Slag and Sub Arc surfacing applications.

At the heart of SWELDX is the accumulated know-how relating to flux design, material science and the SAW processes, including extensive market, manufacturing, SAW process and application knowledge and experience. Development of fluxes and welding processes are the key factors for meeting future stringent requirements on weld performance and production efficiency. The R&D Center is fully equipped with the latest technology to execute effective flux and welding process development. 

SWELDX being part of ITW Welding and will act under the name ITW Welding - Sub Arc Solutions Europe. 

ITW Welding provides welding equipment and application support for optimization of the weld process with the target to increase productivity and improve weld properties

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