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The superior quality and products choice of ITW Welding Products, helps you to eliminate the problems associated with fabrication. Whether performing shop fabrication or job site fabrication, ITW Welding Products offers rugged and reliable power sources, high quality-tested consumables and process knowledge to help you get your welding job done right!

While manufacturers can’t control financial markets, they can better control their own financial destiny by actively addressing their biggest welding challenges.

These challenges—the things that keep people awake at night—consistently fall into four categories:

1. Justifying new equipment (capital expenses)
2. Improving productivity
3. Reducing cost
4. Simplifying welding processes

Many companies accept “compensation” activities as a fact of life because of “That’s the way we’ve always done it” syndrome. Welding pains are often interrelated, and the solution to one challenge usually improves other areas. Effectively increasing productivity-per-operator ultimately lowers total welding costs, provides the basis for equipment investment reducing welding cost and offsets manpower requirements.

If you spend time on activities such as grinding spatter, chipping slag, grinding welds down to final size or reworking or repairing parts, you are not truly preparing the part for the next step in your manufacturing process. You are actually compensating for the inadequacies of, or undesired result of, the previous step. The labor time wasted by compensatory activities reduces operator factor to 20 percent or lower in many operations. Efficient companies have an operator factor of 20 to 30 percent or higher, and they realize significant financial savings as a result.

Our services and products are based on Quality and Know-How in Welding. To help you make a decision regarding an equipment investment, process upgrade or procedure change, compare your current cost of welding to the projected cost of the new method. Then, use the formula in the Miller Economic Evaluation Summary to determine your ROI, which is always expressed as a percentage and your Payback Period, which is always expressed in months or other time unit.

ITW Welding Products provides a team of skilled technical consultants. We can advise and support you on your choice of the most efficient process, product selection, the development of welding procedures, training and qualification of welders. Our experts help you gain a better understanding of the true cost of welding, which is an important first step when addressing welding challenges and help you to choose more efficient high deposition welding solutions.

For further information about ITW Welding Products solutions in this segment, please contact our office and make an appointment with one of our specialists.