Submerged Arc

Reach new heights of profitability with Sub Arc technology! Sub Arc lets you weld with large diameter wires (1/16" to 7/32") at outputs up to 1250 amps, helping you complete heavy weldments faster and with outstanding weld quality. Typically an automated process, Sub Arc requires a heavy duty cross slide, welding power source, automatic weld control, flux hopper with valve, wire drive assembly, torch and other components. Note that many Sub Arc power sources also perform multiple welding processes, typically Flux Cored, spray transfer MIG, Stick and Air Carbon Arc Gouging.

SubArc AC/DC 1250 Digital

This high output, three-phase squarewave AC/DC power source provides AC or DC welding power in standalone or multi-arc configurations for long, continuous welds on thick structural weldments, thin cladding overlays inside large pressure vessels, windtower or pipe manufacturing.

Input Power 400 VAC (3 Phase)
Rated Output 1000 A, 100% Duty Cycle
Max Open Circuit Voltage 93 Vpk
Voltage Range 20 - 44 VDC
Amperage Range 300 - 1250 A
Dimensions 1092 x 711 x 1219 mm
Weight 538 kg

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